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Dental Care for Kids

Dental Care for Children

Our office is a family practice. We provide care for ages 3 and older. We enjoy working with your children from a young age to help them avoid fillings and make them comfortable at our office. We take our time introducing dentistry to your child and work at the speed they are comfortable with. We offer cleanings, x-rays, exams, fluoride sealants, and all fillings.

Dr. Burgess and Dr. Bardell enjoy providing dental care for children. They enjoy having the opportunity to work with children as they grow up, and hope to be welcomed into your family every 6 months for regular cleanings. Our office is designed for entire families to come together. Each of our five hygienists see a different family member during group appointments. If the children have to wait for you to finish, our office has a game room filled with a video game system, books, and puzzles.

The office has multiple systems in place to make care more comfortable for children. We offer Vuzix glasses (sunglasses with screens and ear buds) that connect to Netflix for your children to watch. We also offer free nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to children that are anxious. Both Dr. Burgess’ and Dr. Bardell's fun easygoing demeanor make dental care easier on the entire family.

Fluoride Treatments

Our hygeinists provide flouride treatments to adults at high risk of cavities. Fluoride sticks to teeth and prevents cavities on the smooth surfaces of the teeth. An example of a high risk adult is a person who has undergone radiation therapy, causing decreased salivary flow. Fluoride treaments can be in the form of fluoride "painted on" the teeth, also available in a variety of flavors, or a prescription toothpaste.


Sealants are a resin placed on a child's permanent molars without removing tooth material or using anesthetic. Sealants provide a barrier between the tooth structure and the grooves where plaque and food accumulate. Sealants prevent decay on permanant teeth during the high risk ages. Sealants are recommended for children since they do not have the proper technique or dexterity to keep these areas clean.

Athletic Guards

Athletic guards are recommended for all contact sports including football, hockey and martial arts. Our office makes custom mouth guards in our office lab with two quick appointments. Research supports the importance of custom athletic guards opposed to "boil and bite" guards often used. Current research shows 50% fewer concussions in athletes who use custom athletic guards.